Walmart Coupons: Savings made easier for your shopping

Coupons make your life much easier by helping you to save more money. To enjoy the benefit of a coupon, you must know how to use it, and it is essential to follow certain rules to use your Walmart coupons or any other coupon for that matter aptly.

The two most important reasons to introduce coupons, mainly printable coupons in the marketing strategy Is to:
• To encourage the consumers to experiment with new products
• To clear the remaining stock

On what basis can The Walmart coupons be discriminated?
• Per Transaction- This puts restrictions on the number of coupons you can use in one shopping trip. No matter how many items you have purchased or how many coupons you own you can use only one coupon for one transaction.
• Per Purchase-When you buy 6 packets of biscuits, you can use only one for each packet if the coupon has restrictions stating one item per purchase.
• Per Visit-This means that the customer is eligible to redeem the coupon only at times you visit the store.
• Per Customer-Each customer can use it only once.
What are the benefits of using coupons?

We would never like to pay the full amount for the food we want to experiment with.Using food coupons, in this case, can increase our willingness to try the food for the first time by reducing the risk of money wastage.

Sometimes owninggrocery coupons from a particular brand can lead you to purchase some expensive food item from a rival brand which you normally do not buy. This can increase the sale of the rival brand while you can enjoy the expensive food as well.
Therefore, we shall always be aware of the choices that we make.