Simon Kissel – The Story Behind His Success


There are many reasons behind a person’s success the same way Simon Kissel has gone through so many difficulties in his life to reach this position. He is known as a great businessman by the people but earlier he worked a lot to attain this position in his life. His overall dedication towards computer technology enriched him to start Kissel Ventures now. He is holding many companies with him nowadays and supporting computer networking and software programming development to many companies through online. Simon is known as a school dropper at the age of 8 after that he worked a lot to start one new computer shop. Thereby his dream started blowing he worked in a very much dedicated condition and most of the people call him a nerd. He is the best innovator created many computer arts and got recognized by the international computer art. And this recognition gave him a wonderful turning point towards starting a big software development company.

He got many customers by his innovative computer products and it supports well for many business persons and their companies. When he had some market value through this company he moved on to networking field and established a company called Simon Kissel Viprinet which is one of the most famous companies in Germany. He also has branches in other countries too because the products they produced is having a better reach all through the world. He invented one bonding system for the networks which had a wonderful reach among the corporate and business world. This product is known as VPN network bonding system it connected the internet cables from breakage and other faults. Therefore people can get up time internet connection all through the time without any breakage. As a result, Simon Kissel Viprinet products reached all through the countries and gained increased rate of market value.