Football Tips that ensure a good encounter between Belgium and Japan

Belgium’s superlative form off late saw them clearing the World Cup qualifying campaign quite comfortably and eventually finishing off at the top of the Group A European qualifier beating even Croatia a fairly well rated footballing nation as per the football tips are concerned. However their loss to Columbia brought them back to earth with a taste of what they are about to experience in the South Americas next summer when they take centre stage at the World Cup.

As the two footballing nations locked horns with each other, it was Radamel Falcao who drew the first blood for Colombia in their 2-0 victory over Belgium. The Belgian team highly regarded of the football tips, were able to reach a threatening position only twice in the entire 90 minutes but without much success. The Colombian defence appeared to be too solid to give in to the feeble attempts of the Belgian forward.
The team might have to miss out on one of their important players Christian Benteke which can be attributed to his injuries that he had whilst the match against Colombia, needless to say that the Aston Villa striker will be missed badly by his fans. Benteke was found to be struggling with his knee even during the training sessions and is expected to return in the Premier League action for his club Aston Villa.
Japan on the contrary appears to be well ahead of Belgium having already claimed a spot to play for in the World Cup at Brazil. The team finished off well ahead of Australia and emerged on top at the Asian qualifiers. Japan finished off against the mighty Netherlands with a 2-2 draw. Football tips credit the team mostly because of the fact that they were able to bounce back after being 2-0 down in the match against a team that was unbeaten in their last 16 matches.
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